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Itinerary for the
day we take the plunge!

Friday Bonfire
& Drinks

At 7:30pm on Friday with family & friends, Mitchell & Kathryn will be at Touchstone Resort huddling at a bonfire or grabbing drinks at the hotel bar. Everyone is welcome to come say hello!

Please BYOB or you can consume alcohol at Touchstone's bar.

Sat. morning
is all yours!

We absolutely love every moment spent in Muskoka & Algonquin Park. Please take the opportunity to enjoy it as well on Saturday morning. We've got lots of suggestions if you're interested :)

Photo by: Katelyn Jay Photography

Ceremony is
at 1:30pm

This is the actual view from outside the church! Please arrive by 1:15pm at St. John the Baptist Church in Minnet, ON.

Snacks after

After the ceremony we'll provide treats and coffee for a little snack before you head back to your hotels. 

Bus pickup at

After snacks head back to the hotel to relax.
If you're going to drink at night, please accept our free bus ride to and from the reception. We'll start picking up guests at
4:50pm at Sleep InnBe ready outside the hotel because there is no second bus pickup at this location!

Bus pickup at

The next pickup at Touchstone Resort is along the way to Brooklands Farm! Please be ready by the front lobby (and fire pit) to be picked up.

If the bus is full on the first pick-up, we will run
a second pickup at Touchstone Resort for our guests.


We’re humbled by guests asking how to give a gift for the wedding. We’ve chosen not to open a gift registry because we've lived together for many years and have all we need for our small condo in downtown Toronto. We are saving towards buying our first home so any contribution towards this goal would be greatly appreciated.

Cocktails start 
at 5:15pm

We want you all to enjoy as much of the Farm as you can! Our hour of cocktails and socializing will commence at 5:15pm at Brooklands Farm

Photo by: Katelyn Jay Photography

Group photo
at 6:00pm

We're so excited to capture a moment
with every single one of you in a large
group photo! Right before dinner we will snap this together in front of the barn.

Dinner starts
at 6:15pm

We're honoured to have local chef Julie Lalonde from Crossroads Restaurant serve you a delicious 4 course meal. You'll enjoy a pasta to start, the main course, a fresh salad, and homemade desert. Can't wait!

Bring your party & dancing shoes!

Our master of ceremony Anthony Apostoli has clear orders... get through speeches as fast as possible so we can get to the dance party started!

Yes, its an open bar :)


The 14-Day Trend shows the evening will get a little chilly. There is a bonfire to warm up and blankets provided, but we still recommend you still bring something.
Follow the Weather Network trend

Two bus trips
after event

We want everyone to get home safe after the fun night we have together. We've arranged two bus runs from Brooklands Farm to both of the hotels.
Trips are at 
11:30pm & 1:00am


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